Educational lessons after the Vietnam U19 match against Australia

Educational lessons after the Vietnam U19 match against Australia 9

Congratulations U19 Vietnam, congratulations Cong Phuong, congratulations Arsenal HAGL JMG.

Everything is great, especially the players and the French coach from the center of HAGL.

Vietnamese football needs such people and more broadly, Vietnamese education also needs such people.

The teacher passes on to his students the knowledge he has and the ethics of life, no tricks, no retaliation when being played badly, but rather to deal with his own efforts, genuine talent,

U19 Vietnam was once treated badly when playing against Indonesia and Thailand, but they did not retaliate, did not use tricks and did not hesitate to play. At that time, the entire team was players from HAGL Arsenal JMG.

Our U19 team also had an individual who fought hard with the opponent and that individual was immediately removed from the ranks.

Until today, U19 had a worthy victory in a fair match.

Because of his complacency, thinking he was excellent in previous matches, Tuan Tai thought he would not be easily replaced.

The reason this player’s attitude is like that is because he did not come from HAGL’s training center, he did not receive the education of an exemplary teacher, and did not live in a professional, strict and competitive environment.

Cong Phuong burst into joy after scoring the goal of a lifetime.

The second ripple came from substitute striker Minh Vuong (he was brought in to replace Tuan Tai).

Hopefully the U19 leaders will correct these things in the near future and criticize these players to make the team better and more beautiful in the hearts of fans.

To achieve that, I think there is a great need for educational leaders, teachers, and teachers who always know how to put the word `virtue` first, not chasing after achievements, but educating with character, through education.

Every Vietnamese person wants to see Vietnam rich, strong, and fair with civilized, progressive, and talented Vietnamese citizens.

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Educational lessons after the Vietnam U19 match against Australia

Road to the World Cup of U19 Vietnam

I have no ambition that Vietnam will enter the World Cup, as long as a few of our players are qualified to compete in strong football tournaments in the world and in Europe, I will be satisfied.

Tran Van Loc

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