India tightens its grip on Chinese goods again

India tightens its grip on Chinese goods again 5

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in recent weeks has delayed approval of mobile phone and TV components originating from China, `jeopardizing` the plans of companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo, the

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commerce, BIS and Oppo have not commented, Xiaomi refused to respond to the information.

India’s move came after a deadly brawl at the India-China border in June. This was the most serious clash in decades, causing Indians as well as the government to take action.

`The relationship has deteriorated significantly,` an Indian official said, saying the country could not immediately approve some investment proposals from Chinese companies.

India requested checks on investment flows from China in April, the South Asian nation’s government was slow to approve all requests after a deadly brawl.

A forklift moves a container at Chennai port, India, March 2012.

A senior Indian official said the government is discussing a new standards policy, likely to be announced by the end of August, targeting low-quality products from China and elsewhere.

`Goods have not been cleared while the standards are in the updating stage because many product lines may be affected,` the Indian official said.

Of the 10 smartphones sold in India, 8 are made by Chinese companies, including Xiaomi and Oppo.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in recent weeks has called for building `a self-reliant India` and urged industry to focus on promoting domestic production.

According to the BIS roadmap, some imported or domestically produced electronic goods must meet Indian standards.

A source from the Chinese smartphone company said that businesses are often affected by delays when BIS takes 15 days to approve applications, but the approval process is now `in limbo`.

As of August 14, 643 applications were waiting for BIS approval, of which 394 were submitted 20 days ago, according to information on the agency’s website.

CP-UP Technology Certification Services Company, headquartered in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, on August 4 informed customers that BIS stopped processing applications `from manufacturers other than those of

It is unclear whether imports from countries other than China will be delayed in customs clearance by India.

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