People hand over land for Metro No. 2

People hand over land for Metro No. 2 1

Over the past few days, more than 10 construction workers have been diligently drilling walls and dismantling the house of Mr. Truong Qui Sam, 60 years old, on Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, District 10. The sound of drilling machines is loud, concrete blocks fall loudly,

People near Bay Hien intersection, Tan Binh district allocate land to build Metro No. 2. Photo: Ha An.

With the land allocation for the project, the house Mr. Sam has lived in for more than 20 years will be set back 7 meters from the street front, half the area of the old house.

`These past few days, I have only been able to sell to regular customers, because now this neighborhood has almost become a house demolition site. At night, sleeping in a more cramped house feels very strange, cooking is difficult, but because of the development,

More than last year, the compensation price of 210 million VND per m2 made many households in Mr. Sam’s neighborhood disagree.

About 2 km from Mr. Sam’s house, Mr. Tran Van Duc, 83 years old, on Truong Chinh Street, Tan Binh District, handed over 33 square meters of land two days ago.

The compensation price in Mr. Duc’s group is 150 million per square meter, causing some people to disagree because they think the market price is more than 200 million VND.

People hand over land for Metro No. 2

Mr. Tran Van Duc is repairing the house with a worker after handing over the site for the Metro No. 2 project, on September 12.

Up to now, all households in group 44 have agreed to hand over land and receive compensation.

For the past four months, Mr. Duc and his wife have had to stay at his daughter’s house in the Bau Cat area, about 2 km from their old house.

Tan Binh is the district with the largest number of households having to be cleared in the entire Metro Line No. 2 with 356 out of 603 cases, accounting for 60% of the entire project.

To speed up site clearance, Mr. Tai said there must be transparency by posting compensation plans for people to comment on.

`In the short term, people will have to suffer a bit, but in the future when the metro line is operated, people will also benefit from this project,` Mr. Tai said, adding that this year he will resolve the remaining cases, to

Currently, Tan Binh district handed over the premises to the investor for 2 out of 6 stations including station S10 – Pham Van Bach and station S11 – Tan Binh.

People hand over land for Metro No. 2

The construction area of station S9 – Ba Queo, Tan Binh district was handed over by households on August 23.

Mr. Le Van Khoa, Director of Project Management Board 2 (Ho Chi Minh City Urban Railway Management Board) said that currently, districts have basically completed compensation procedures with 590 out of 603 cases, of which the district has completed compensation procedures.

According to plan, Metro No. 2 basically completes site clearance of the entire line this year.

The handover of the site for Metro Line No. 2 is of interest to the city government.

Metro No. 2 has a total length of more than 11 km;

The project goes through 6 districts: 1, 3, 10, 12, Tan Binh and Tan Phu with a total investment of more than 47,890 billion VND (about more than 2.09 billion USD).

People hand over land for Metro No. 2

Map of Metro Line No. 2. Photo: Thanh Huyen.

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