Trade negotiations are unlikely to break down despite the US and China imposing tariffs

Trade negotiations are unlikely to break down despite the US and China imposing tariffs 0

(Dan Tri) – Analysts say trade negotiations between the US and China are unlikely to collapse even though the two countries continuously announce moves to retaliate against each other through the imposition of tariffs.

US President Donald Trump met Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 conference in Japan in June (Photo: Getty)

According to CNBC, speaking at the G7 summit in France today, August 26, President Donald Trump praised Chinese President Xi Jinping and welcomed Xi’s desire to reach an agreement with the US.

“Last night China called our top trade negotiators and said ‘let’s get back to the negotiating table’, so we’re going back to the negotiating table and I think they want to do something.”

“They (China) were hurt very badly but they understood it was the right thing to do and I respect that very much.

Previously, at a conference in Chongqing today, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, who led China’s trade negotiation delegation with the US recently, said that Beijing was ready to resolve the dispute.

“We believe the trade war is not beneficial to China, the United States or the interests of people around the world,” Mr. Liu He said, emphasizing that American companies are especially welcome in China, and will

President Trump said yesterday that the US and China are still in good harmony and are still negotiating.

“We’re actually very much in tune with China at the moment, we’re still negotiating.

Negotiations are difficult to break down?

The `softening` statements of the US and Chinese leaders have raised hopes about the possibility of easing tensions in the trade war, after the two countries repeatedly imposed retaliatory tariffs on each other last week.

According to William Reinsch, senior advisor at the Center for International Strategic Studies, the ongoing tension in the tariff war between the US and China is unlikely to derail the trajectory of trade negotiations between the two.

“If Mr. Trump withdraws from the negotiations, it will be a big failure for him.

“On the Chinese side, they also spend a lot of time claiming that they are good people, they follow the rules.

The US and China are still negotiating to reach an agreement to address issues such as: intellectual property protection in China, Chinese government subsidies to state-owned companies, and

Negotiations between the world’s two largest economies have recently resumed, but are at risk of collapsing again when both the US and China have announced the imposition of new tariffs on US goods.

Mr. Trump’s victory

According to expert Reinsch, mutual retaliation between the US and China is likely to continue until US voters vote for president in 2020.

“From Mr. Trump’s perspective, he needs a victory.

Reaching an agreement with China in the coming months gives Americans more time to carefully consider that agreement before voting for president in November 2020, and this will likely affect

“If there is an agreement, it will not be as Mr. Trump wants because China will not accept all the demands made by the US.

“Mr. Trump’s smart move is to find a way to reach an agreement by October 2020 because at that time people will vote before realizing whether the agreement is good or not.



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