What did Russia gain from the massive combat campaign in Syria?

What did Russia gain from the massive combat campaign in Syria? 1

(Dan Tri) – The Russian Navy Admiral called the five-month deployment of the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier battle group off the coast of Syria one of the greatest missions in Russian naval history.

Russian aircraft carrier returns home after 5 months of combat off the coast of Syria

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier of the Russian navy (Photo: Dailysabah)

First combat campaign

The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier battle group returned to the headquarters of Russia’s Northern Fleet in Severomorsk on February 9.

`The history of the US Navy has witnessed both great and humble victories,` Moscow Times quoted Russian Navy Commander, Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, as saying on February 10.

Since the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier strike group left Severomorsk for Syria on October 15, Russian media has called the group’s mission an important display of the power of the Russian navy.

But regardless, Admiral Korolyov’s praise for the fleet was noteworthy.

“During combat operations against terrorism, you demonstrated solidarity, courage, dedication and loyalty to the Russian navy,” Mr. Korolyov told the officers and crew.

Russia released video of aircraft carrier operating off the coast of Syria

The deployment in Syria has allowed the Russian navy to have the necessary practice in operating the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

At the end of the campaign, the numbers cited by the Russian Ministry of Defense were very impressive.

However, analysts have questioned these numbers, claiming that the actual number of sorties was closer to 150. During the deployment, at least some aircraft from the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier were transferred to

Two fighter jets fell into the sea

The deployment was not without problems either.

Kuznetsov lost two aircraft, a MiG-29 and a Su-33.

An investigation conducted by Russia’s RBK news agency, published on February 7, said the entire cost of the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier strike group deployment was 168 million USD.

What did Russia gain from the massive combat campaign in Syria?

Fighter aircraft on the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov (Photo: Sputnik)

When will Russia get a new aircraft carrier?

But the first combat deployment of any battle group is always fraught with problems.

But in addition to the usual difficulties of aircraft carrier operations, Kuznetsov also showed major weaknesses.

Admiral Korolyov said that Kuznetsov’s experiences during the recent deployment will now be used in the design and development of future Russian warships.

Several new aircraft carrier designs have been proposed since 2014, when France protested Moscow’s annexation of Crimea by canceling the delivery of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers built for the Russian navy.

And although Russia may be 20 years away from owning a new aircraft carrier, Kuznetsov’s weaknesses have shown that future aircraft carriers must overcome those shortcomings.

“But the most important thing is that they have no real need for an aircraft carrier.


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