4 lessons of America after Trump infected with nCoV

4 lessons of America after Trump infected with nCoV 8

The past three days have recorded developments in which Trump and his wife tested positive for nCoV and were hospitalized for treatment, with sometimes conflicting information about their health situation.

Dr. Trini Mathew, an infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist with Beaumont Health, said Mr. Trump is receiving the highest quality medical care.

`The virus can infect anyone, so we need to be serious, not only protecting ourselves, but also those around us,` said Dr. Trini Mathew.

Experts draw 4 main lessons from Mr. Trump’s nCoV infection.

Wear a mask, social distance

Dr. Mathew urges everyone to wear masks immediately.

She said: `I see people often not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly. The mask accidentally slides under the nose and only protects the mouth. Hands may be contaminated with the mask.`

Dr Iwashyna also agreed that `current public health guidelines are extremely important`.

President Donald Trump wore a mask while walking down the hallway during his visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on July 11.

Tests don’t tell everything

False negatives can occur, even when the patient has symptoms of Covid-19.

According to Dr. Mathew, `a negative test does not rule out the possibility that you are infected.`

`False negatives and false positives can still occur. Initial tests are negative, but when patients continue to have symptoms, or get worse, they need to be tested again,` Dr. Mathew said.

Flu season overlaps with Covid-19

The landscape will be more complex as respiratory viruses increase.

`We are aware of the argument that the flu vaccine is not 100% protective, but some protection at this time is better than none,` Mathew said.

Personal responsibility needs to be enhanced

The pandemic has been breaking out for many months, many people are tired and are losing their guard.

Dr. Iwashyna believes that Americans should look at other countries that have controlled the epidemic better and learn valuable lessons.

`Everyone is at risk, and we need to act together to control the epidemic,` he said.

By the morning of October 5, Covid-19 had claimed more than one million lives, with over 35 million infected.

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