Basic handbook for your first visit to Taiwan

Basic handbook for your first visit to Taiwan 2

Taiwan is a place that not only shows the beauty of rich nature, the ancient colors of traditional culture, but also the excitement of the most modern urban area in Asia.

Taipei City is a cultural and political center with nearly 7 million people living, the highest population density in Taiwan.

City view overlooking the tallest building 101 in Taiwan.

What languages are used in Taiwan?

Most people speak Taiwanese – the language of the Hakka people, the largest ethnic group living here.

The two most commonly used foreign languages in Taiwan are English and Japanese.

Which currency to use?

Taiwanese people use Taiwanese currency (NT), both banknotes and coins.

You should change some Taiwanese dollars at home in advance to avoid having to exchange money at the airport, hotel, or the most expensive places.

Exchanging money with a credit card is the cheapest way.

What type of transportation is convenient?

From Taipei International Airport (Taoyan International Airport – CKS Airport), you can easily catch a bus to destinations such as Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taoyuan and Hsinchu.

The high-speed train is the most convenient way to get to the airport (prices range from NT$40 to NT$1,300 depending on the distance).

In addition to high-speed trains, in the city you can choose to use the subway system (MRT), buses, taxis or rent your own car.

Walking around famous beaches and tourist areas such as Sun Moon Lake, Kenting, Green Island and Penghu is very simple.

Another note

You can go to the Information Counter of the Taiwan Ministry of Tourism at the airport to register to receive free bus tickets for the journey from Taoyuan airport to Taipei and vice versa.

Download the iTaiwan app to use free wifi at all Tourism Centers.

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