Coach Huynh Duc aspires to win the Super Cup

Coach Huynh Duc aspires to win the Super Cup 0

Coach Huynh Duc still lacks the Super Cup in his trophy collection for Da Nang on the domestic playground.

The Super Cup match will take place at Chi Lang Stadium here to open the 2013 season. For Da Nang, the Super Cup is a missing title in their collection.

To prepare for the first match of the new year, coach Le Huynh Duc and his team returned to practice from the 5th day of Tet.

Assessing the upcoming match, coach Le Huynh Duc was cautious: `Xuan Thanh Saigon Cement has a strong and uniform force. They are also very eager to win the Cup. This is the first match of the season so it is also

Coach Le Huynh Duc is also worried, because he has to calculate and allocate forces appropriately when the team has to compete heavily on three fronts: V-League, AFC Cup and National Cup.

Just like Da Nang, Xuan Thanh Saigon Cement also has to compete in 3 arenas.

Coach Lu Dinh Tuan and his students were soon at Thanh Long Center (HCMC) to practice.

In the 2012 season, Song Lam Nghe An won the National Super Cup after defeating Navibank Saigon 3-1 on a penalty shootout.

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