Cricket won the Vietnamese Rap championship

Cricket won the Vietnamese Rap championship 1

Cricket (team Wowy) received 500 million VND in cash and one billion VND to make the MV with runner-up GDucky (team Karik).

Cricket (right) and coach Wowy on the Rap Viet final stage on the evening of November 14.

In the competition round with contestant B:Okeh, he wrote the song This Earth (based on the song This Earth is Ours by musician Truong Quang Luc) to convey the message of environmental protection.

Before the final night, Cricket said: `I don’t expect to become champion, but if a miracle happens, I hope my victory will be a motivation for fans to strive in life. I grew up on the streets.`

Cricket won the Vietnamese Rap championship

Cricket – Adventure

Cricket performed `Adventures` in round three of `Rap Viet`.

His real name is Chau Hai Minh, born in 1996. The rapper comes from a poor family, worked many jobs such as loading and performing mascots to make a living, then became a tattoo artist.

Many viewers also regretted that GDucky missed the championship position.

Rap Viet is a reality TV show looking for Rap music talent, with four coaches Binz, Wowy, Karik, Suboi.

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