Genetic mutations make it difficult for men to have children

Genetic mutations make it difficult for men to have children 6

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Le Hoang, Director of the Reproductive Support Center, Tam Anh Hanoi General Hospital (IVF Tam Anh Hanoi), reproductive function is influenced by genetics.

Genetic causes in men are chromosomal disorders, single-gene genetic disorders, mitochondrial DNA mutations, multifactorial genetic disorders, genetic abnormalities leading to hormonal disorders…

Like Mr. Minh, 40 years old, married for 8 years without children.

In June 2023, he went to IVF Tam Anh Hanoi for examination with the hope of giving birth to his own child.

According to Dr. Hoang, this condition causes the testicles to be smaller than normal, reduces sperm production and androgen levels in the blood, no sperm in semen, and makes it difficult to have children naturally.

Another case is Mr. Son, 30 years old, infertile for two years due to severe oligospermia. Semen analysis only found one moving sperm and a few immobile sperm.

Associate Professor, Dr. Le Hoang advises patients.

According to Dr. Hoang, the rate of male infertility accounts for 40%, with 10-15% of cases due to genetic abnormalities.

Previously, these cases had to adopt children or request donated sperm for in vitro fertilization.

In Mr. Minh’s case, the doctor prescribed micro-testicular surgery to find sperm (micro-TESE).

According to Dr. Hoang, Mr. Minh’s testicles are small in size and his history of TESE surgery makes the surgery not easy.

Mr. Minh and his wife created 5 embryos, and one embryo was abnormal during screening.

`If everything goes well, we will welcome our baby into the year of the Dragon,` Mr. Minh said.

As for Mr. Son, he has very little sperm but still has a chance to have children without surgery.

Using a microscope, the doctor captures healthy sperm with no abnormalities in morphology or function and injects them into the ooplasm (ICSI) to create embryos.

Genetic mutations make it difficult for men to have children

Baby Keo Dan is the sweet fruit of Mr. Son and his wife after two years of searching.

According to Dr. Hoang, most cases of infertility due to genetic abnormalities are only discovered during infertility examination.

There are cases where men have normal semen samples, but the cause of infertility is due to sperm DNA breakage.

The doctor said that currently, methods of karyotyping, AZF testing, hormone testing, anti-sperm antibody testing, sperm DNA fragmentation testing, cystic fibrosis gene testing… can diagnose.

At IVF Tam Anh, after examining and identifying genetic disorders that affect the patient’s fertility, the doctor will provide individualized treatment solutions, helping to increase the ability to have children and save money.

In case it is difficult to get pregnant naturally, doctors recommend performing assisted reproductive methods such as IUI, IVF, ICSI combined with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) to screen and select healthy embryos.

At 8:00 p.m. on February 20, the online consultation program `Hunting healthy golden dragons as desired – Modern techniques of in vitro fertilization` will be broadcast on VnExpress fanpage.

Consulting experts from the Center for Reproductive Support, Tam Anh General Hospital System include: People’s Physician, Associate Professor, Dr. Le Hoang, Dr. Nguyen Thi Lien Huong, MSc. Giang Huynh.

* Patient’s name has been changed

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