Parents struggle to help their children learn at home

Parents struggle to help their children learn at home 2

At 6:45 p.m. Friday night, Ms. Lieu opened her laptop, accessed the Zoom software so her daughter could get to class in time, then turned around to feed her youngest child some dough.

Ms. Lieu and her husband both work at foreign enterprises in the fields of irrigation and printing, so they are not allowed to take time off according to social isolation directives.

Ms. Lieu’s daughter studies online.

Because my child is still young, during class time, she sits next to me and handles mechanical and software problems when needed.

Between classes, teachers often assign sentence-connection exercises.

`Sometimes when I’m tired from taking care of two children at the same time, I think I should give my child a break so I can teach myself on the weekends. But when I think about it, I can’t be as good as a teacher. It’s better for my child to meet teachers and friends,`

Parents struggle to help their children learn at home

Parents struggle to care for their children during the Covid-19 season

Ms. Lieu’s child learned the rhymes `ap` and `up` when studying online.

After dinner, Mr. Le Hong Phong and his wife from Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, accompanied their 1st grade son, who is studying at Hong Ha Primary School.

According to Mr. Phong, the difficulty in teaching children is the method of communication so that the child understands.

English is even more difficult when parents worry that incorrect pronunciation will affect the child’s listening ability, even though the vocabulary is very simple.

To relieve my child’s boredom, in the afternoon, mother and child played a story-telling game, taking turns reading a page from a fairy tale.

Parents struggle to help their children learn at home

Mr. Le Hong Phong’s son during class at home.

Like Hong Ha Primary School, Tran Binh Trong Primary School, District 5 sends video lectures and exercises, and sets up a Zalo chat group to guide parents in teaching their children to self-study, not teaching online.

In the morning, she receives Math, Vietnamese and Literature exercises from the teacher and prints them out to put on her child’s desk.

Like many parents in the class, Ms. Lan was confused about how to solve many Math problems, instruct her children to form sentences in Vietnamese, and practice writing.

Having to complete office work and take care of and tutor her children while her husband works long days, Ms. Lan feels stressed.

In the 2019-2020 school year, students across the country only completed the 20th week of school, then took a break for Tet and a break to prevent Covid-19.

Currently, all provinces and cities give students a break until further notice, or the first 1-2 weeks of April due to the complicated developments of Covid-19.

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