The Ministry of Health launched an anti-epidemic campaign in schools and hospitals

The Ministry of Health launched an anti-epidemic campaign in schools and hospitals 2

Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said that from the beginning of the year until now, the number of infectious diseases has decreased compared to the same period last year, lower than many countries in the region.

On the launch day of the campaign on October 12, the Minister of Health visited Hoang Yen Kindergarten, Linh Trung ward, Thu Duc district, and deployed cleaning and disinfection in the children’s learning and play areas.

The Minister of Health visited and inspected the prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease at a preschool in Ho Chi Minh City on October 12.

The Minister said that in the coming time, the epidemic situation will still be complicated.

The Ministry of Health recommends that people and communities need to proactively implement measures to prevent and control hand, foot and mouth disease

– Wash hands regularly with soap under running water several times a day for both adults and children.

– Practice good eating hygiene, eat cooked food, drink cooked food, make sure eating utensils are washed thoroughly before use, preferably soaked in boiling water.

– Do not feed the child food, do not let the child eat with his hands, suck his hand, or suck on toys.

– Regularly clean daily contact surfaces and tools such as toys, learning tools, door handles, stair handrails, table and chair surfaces, and floors with soap or regular detergents.

– Do not let children come into contact with people who are sick or suspected of being sick.

– Use a hygienic latrine. The patient’s feces and other waste must be collected and dumped into a hygienic latrine.

– When you discover that your child has signs of suspected illness, take him or her to see a doctor or immediately notify the nearest medical agency.

Measures to prevent and control measles

– Proactively take children from 9 months old who have not been vaccinated against measles or from 18 months old who have not received 2 doses of measles vaccine to the commune or ward health station for vaccination.

– When you detect signs of fever, cough, runny nose, or rash, take your child to the nearest medical facility as soon as possible for timely examination and treatment to prevent complications and severe progression of measles.

– Measles is very contagious, do not allow children to come close or come into contact with children suspected of having measles.

The Ministry of Health launched an anti-epidemic campaign in schools and hospitals

Minister of Health inspects dengue fever prevention work.

Measures to prevent and control dengue fever

Cover all water containers tightly to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

Every week, take measures to kill larvae and larvae by placing fish in large water containers, washing small and medium water containers, and turning over containers that do not contain water.

– Remove waste materials and natural water holes that do not allow mosquitoes to lay eggs such as bottles, jars, bottle pieces, coconut shells, broken jar pieces, tires, old tires, bamboo holes, leaf sheaths…

– Sleep under mosquito nets and wear long clothes to prevent mosquito bites, even during the day.

Actively coordinate with the health sector in chemical spraying to prevent epidemics.

– When you have fever, bleeding… go to a medical facility immediately for examination and treatment.

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