Tips for survival when attacked by a shark

Professional surfer Mick Fanning is becoming the world’s focus when he miraculously escaped death from a sudden shark attack.

Below are some tips that CNN offers to help tourists partly avoid the disaster of falling prey to sharks while swimming in the sea and get lucky like the Australian athlete.

Know the percentage of people attacked by sharks

The truth is that not everyone is unlucky enough to encounter a shark and be attacked like Mick Fanning.

Therefore, you should not be afraid of sharks and refuse exciting beach parties in the summer.

Avoid swimming in river mouth areas

According to Peirce, tourists should avoid swimming in estuary areas, especially where there are bull sharks, white sharks and tiger sharks – species that are more likely to attack humans.

`There are many scary attacks happening in the estuary area, where people often choose to wash clothes and bathe every day,` the shark researcher added.

According to statistics from CNN, sharks are not the animals that kill the most Americans.

Avoid swimming where there are fishing boats

When you swim at sea and see a fishing boat in the distance, it’s best to stay away from this place.

Avoid swimming at dusk

Swimming early in the morning or late at night can be a quiet, enjoyable time for visitors.

Avoid bleeding or urinating while swimming

Sharks have the ability to smell very well from a distance.

The same goes for urine, especially for surfers who spend all day at sea.

Female tourists who are in their `red light` period should also limit swimming in places far from shore.

If you are being attacked by a shark, don’t panic

When you come face to face with a shark, the worst thing is that you become frightened and splash water around.

Look straight into the eyes of the `fierce god of the sea`

As the shark swims around you, try to slightly follow it, face to face and make eye contact.

Cut off the stalking

If you are a diver, try to find a spot where the shark cannot get behind you.

Tips for survival when attacked by a shark

The moment the shark attacked Fanning from behind, and the whole world was calling him `the luckiest man on earth`.

Swim backwards

What you need to remember is not to splash water around, then swim back to shore.

Distract enemies

If you discover a shark swimming past you, without the intention of attacking you, try to curl up as small as possible.

Bravely fight

If you are attacked by a shark, the only way is to fight to the death to protect yourself.

When underwater, turn the things you carry into weapons such as skateboards, cameras or even snorkel to attack sharks.

More information:

On July 19, professional surfer Mick Fanning was competing in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, when a shark suddenly attacked him from behind.

`I don’t know if he is a madman or a hero,` she told reporters when remembering the moment her son fought the sea god.

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