Vu Cam Nhung has no regrets about leaving the stage

Vu Cam Nhung has no regrets about leaving the stage 2

– How do you feel since giving up the fashion catwalk?

– I always feel very lucky to have lived and worked on the fashion stage for a long time, and to have met and known many people working in the field of art.

Model Vu Cam Nhung.

– Why did you decide to switch to business when you are an expensive supermodel?

– Business was my choice when I graduated from grade 12. Because of this choice, I took the entrance exam to National Economics University (Hanoi).

– What pressures do you face at work because you are still quite young?

– I also encountered many difficulties at work, but because I was still young, I tried hard to overcome them.

Busy with work, how do you fulfill your role as a wife?

– My husband, family and good friends will be the motivation to help me try to complete everything.

Due to work requirements, my husband often goes away on business trips.

– What kind of person is your husband?

– I have been building a family for 3 years.

My working day is like everyone else’s: I come to the office at 9 am, have lunch at the office, and leave the office around 6 pm.

– She has competed in world beauty contests, young models are also participating in many beauty contests.

Vu Cam Nhung has no regrets about leaving the stage

– I see some young models today who are very beautiful and confident.

– In recent days, there has been a lot of information about prostitution rings related to actors and models.

– This is a very sad act of a few individuals, making society have a negative view of the work of models.

(According to Thanh Nien)

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