1,000 billion USD is hunting for global real estate investment opportunities

1,000 billion USD is hunting for global real estate investment opportunities 4

The Global Investor Intentions Survey was conducted from January 11 to February 3, 2016 and received more than 1,250 responses from investors around the world.

There were slight differences in the samples collected between regions.

This year’s survey specifically noted negative sentiment arising from the instability of the Chinese stock market.

82% of investors said their buying activity would increase or stay at the same level as in 2015. Although this result is lower than 86% in 2015 and 93% in 2014, it is still not

Offices are still the type of real estate that attracts the most global investors.

President of CBRE Global Investment Capital Markets, Chris Ludeman commented: `Real estate will continue to attract investors, mainly due to relatively high profits and more stable prices.` This expert believes

Mr. Ludeman added that investment strategies are shifting due to concerns about the health of the world economy.

North America is the top destination for investment (48%), far ahead of Western Europe (28%).

Main gateway cities continue to be the top favorite destinations for investors.

Interest in cross-border real estate investment remains strong, with two-fifths of respondents saying they are looking for opportunities in other regions.

This year’s survey also noted a jump in demand for underlying assets and a decline in interest in secondary and value-added assets.

Regarding asset types, offices are still the most popular real estate among global investors, accounting for 30%, followed by retail (21%) and apartments (20%) both receiving a lot of attention.

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