5 ideal cities for gourmets

5 ideal cities for gourmets 2

New York, USA

This vibrant city has one of the world’s leading culinary scene thanks to its blend of different cultures over the centuries.

New York is a paradise for both shoppers and foodies.

Restaurants like The Carnegie Deli, Lombardi’s, Masa (serves only 26 guests), Daniel (chef-tasting menu will cost 220 USD) or Nobu, Le Cirque not only satisfy demanding diners but also

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is known for its delicious dishes and Barcelona is one of this country’s notable culinary destinations.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is not only the center of Japanese cuisine but also tops the list of culinary destinations in 2015. This city has nearly 160,000 large and small restaurants, including hundreds of restaurants with Michelin star standards, so you should visit Tokyo.

5 ideal cities for gourmets

Chefs in Tokyo not only respect tradition but also develop into world-famous brands.

Most dishes in Tokyo are steeped in Japanese tradition, typical examples are udon noodles, sushi, tempura… If you want to find the freshest seafood in the world, go to Tsukiji fish market.

Bologna, Italy

Visitors can easily find world-class restaurants all over this boot-shaped country.

Paris, France

The capital Paris not only attracts tourists thanks to its fashion brands but is also one of the world’s famous culinary destinations.

5 ideal cities for gourmets

Paris attracts gourmet tourists with its luxurious presentation style.

Of course, Parisian cuisine cannot lack dishes made from foie gras, snails and caviar.

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