9 unexpected ways to help you save money

9 unexpected ways to help you save money 7

A little bit of saving here, a little bit of saving there, combined you will find yourself richer than you thought.

1. Buy fresh vegetables and fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits prevent diseases and thereby reduce the need for you to see the doctor, reducing medicine costs.

2. Cook your own food

Eating out is always expensive.

3. Keep food receipts

When you buy food at the supermarket, you will have a specific list of items you have purchased.

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4. Write down the amount spent in red ink

When recording the amount of money spent in red ink, your brain will automatically consider that number as `dangerous` and `wary`, unconsciously helping you realize how much money you have spent.

5. Use dental floss

Seeing a dentist is expensive and uncomfortable.

6. Turn off all electricity at night

Most electronic devices in the house (except the refrigerator) can be turned off at bedtime.

7. Good control of time

The easiest way to keep track of time is to place a clock anywhere.

8. Always have a bottle of drinking water with you

Thanks to that, you can save money on drinks, not become dehydrated and stay healthy.

9. Pay cash instead of card

Withdrawing cash to pay will give you a true sense of your money, your effort and your time.

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