12 years in a rented house in Saigon because I didn’t want to live in debt

12 years in a rented house in Saigon because I didn't want to live in debt 12

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At the end of 2019, my long-cherished passion project came true. I established a media company and ran it myself.

I’m 36 years old, 12 years after graduating, I still quietly rented a house until I felt my finances were really `healthy` before deciding to buy a house in Saigon because I didn’t want to live and sleep in a house with too much debt pressure.

Sharing this, I want to send a small message to everyone, especially those who have thoughts and circumstances like mine.

I see many people buying real estate and apartments and admire them, also wishing to have their own home like that.

>> Don’t dare to buy a house in Saigon even though you have an income of 40 million VND

Two years ago, when I had some capital saved but couldn’t buy a house in Saigon, I looked to buy a 400 m2 piece of land in the suburbs to invest.

I chose to buy when I had 3/4 of the house’s money in hand, and the remaining 1/4 I `friended` with the bank.

When the calculations were in the `green light` state, I felt my finances were at a safe level and I chose to buy an apartment in An Phu – District 2 in May 2020.

By the way, I am very grateful and thankful to my many partners and relationships, they have loved and trusted me to give me every small opportunity to help me realize my big dream.

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