Stroke in young people

Stroke in young people 5

Emergency patient at Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital on the afternoon of June 26, with difficulty speaking, distorted voice, misaligned mouth, weak left hand, difficulty holding.

The results of a CT scan of the skull showed that she had a stroke due to a blockage in the blood vessels, causing cerebral infarction, a type of acute brain stroke.

Therefore, when arriving at the hospital, the `golden` time for stroke treatment has passed, intervention methods to revascularize blood vessels, dissolve blood clots and prevent brain damage cannot be applied.

Ms. Thuc underwent 14 days of intensive treatment and physical therapy to recover.

Specialist Doctor 2 Tran Trung Thanh, Head of Neurology Department, Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, said that stroke, also known as cerebrovascular accident, is a disease that causes damage to part of the brain that occurs suddenly due to blood vessels feeding the brain.

Doctor Thanh examines a patient at risk of stroke.

In Vietnam, each year about 200,000 people have strokes.

Cases of stroke in young people like Ms. Thuc are not rare.

Dr. Thanh analyzed that currently, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, alcohol abuse, stimulants, tobacco, or prolonged stress make strokes happen more and more young.

More dangerously, people often think stroke is a disease of the elderly, they never `knock on the door` of young people, so they are very subjective.

Complications of stroke in young people are similar to those in the elderly.

According to Dr. Thanh, to prevent strokes and reduce the burden on the health sector and society, people of all ages need to be periodically screened for diseases directly related to stroke such as hypertension,

People who are living an unhealthy lifestyle need to change their habits.

Doctors recommend that everyone learn and improve their knowledge to recognize early signs of stroke.

`Family members should absolutely not self-aid using folk methods such as scraping, acupressure, and acupuncture. These actions delay treatment and can make the disease worse,` said Dr. Thanh.

Currently, Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital is one of the medical facilities treating stroke with the method of revascularization with intravenous thrombolytic drugs and thrombectomy with tools.

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