How much does Trump’s Covid-19 treatment cost?

How much does Trump's Covid-19 treatment cost? 2

For an ordinary person, the cost of the above treatment will cost at least more than 100,000 USD.

The biggest financial risk does not lie in the hospital stay but comes from other services, such as helicopter travel costs or continuous virus testing.

President Trump stood on the Truman balcony at the White House on October 5, after leaving Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

President Trump praised the quality of medical care he received at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, while downplaying the danger of Covid-19.

But across the country, many patients are struggling with long-term sequelae and financial burdens due to virus infection.

Trump doesn’t have to worry about medical care costs because they are covered by the federal government, but for ordinary people, this is a huge concern.

For many people, costs can increase due to frequent testing.

The Trump administration issued guidance in June stating that insurers do not have to pay for `tests conducted for health screening and general workplace safety.`

Some people may be able to get tested at public facilities for free and some employers may voluntarily cover the cost, but others may face large medical debt from the tests.

Covid-19 testing is sometimes quite expensive.

Marta Bartan, a hair care worker in Brooklyn, needs to be tested for nCoV to return to work this summer.

`I’m quite confused,` Bartan said.

Hospital bills for ordinary citizens continue to be extended at the hospital.

President Trump was also treated with experimental antibodies from the company Regeneron.

According to experts, the average hospital treatment cost for a patient over 60 years old is 61,912 USD.

For patients with health insurance, costs can be lower, averaging nearly $31,600, according to nonprofit FAIR Health.

In FAIR Health’s database of Covid-19 patients over 60 years old, 1/4 had to pay fees under 26,821 USD for hospitalization, 1/4 had to pay costs over 193,149 USD, partly due to the length of stay.

For patients without insurance, even though the Trump administration has set up a fund to help cover the cost of testing and treating Covid-19 for them, the amount of money they have to pay is still huge, according to NYTimes.

The biggest billing risk for a patient receiving similar treatment to President Trump may come from a helicopter ride to the hospital.

Air ambulance is usually not on the payment list of major insurance companies.

Traveling to and from the hospital twice by helicopter like President Trump, for a normal patient, their medical debt will reach over 40,000 USD.

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