Inside the combat fortress of the President of Ukraine

Inside the combat fortress of the President of Ukraine 5

There were sandbags everywhere, stacked between rows of pine trees.

`We entered through a side door, then were escorted inside through dark hallways and staircases, deep into Ukraine’s combat operations command,` said Oliver Carroll, editor of

Carroll had previously spent nearly an hour going through a route with many anti-tank obstacles, checkpoints and guards to reach the gate of the `fortress` where President Zelensky was staying.

After going through the dark corridors, Caroll’s group arrived at the Ukrainian operations room.

Over the past 4 weeks, this scene has become familiar through Mr. Zelensky’s videos and photos on social networks.

President Volodymyr Zelensky at the operations room in Ukraine.

Then, a soldier with a stern face walked in and shouted `Seriously!`.

Before becoming President, Mr. Zelensky was a comedian.

But now he has to steer Ukraine to deal with Russia’s special military campaign.

He is taking on the role of a wartime president well.

The President of Ukraine enthusiastically talked with reporters and quickly answered questions.

But when it came to a question, President Zelensky suddenly stopped.

`I didn’t expect the situation to be so difficult,` he said.

Russia’s special military campaign forced him to face unforeseeable situations.

Ukraine’s leaders constantly mention the word honesty.

The Ukrainian leader’s efforts have received much praise, as he sought to inspire people through videos shot from the streets of Kiev and posted on social networks.

`If I don’t go out for 3-4 days and just stay in the office, I can’t know what’s going on in the world,` he said.

Mr. Zelensky has a `wartime government` made up of his own group of journalists, lawyers, and doctors.

However, not everything goes smoothly.

The President of Ukraine was forced to come up with a solution himself.

Aides suggested he should only answer in Ukrainian.

Inside the combat fortress of the President of Ukraine

President of Ukraine denied rumors of leaving Kiev

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in a video posted on Instagram on March 5 at work.

Despite some chaos, everything seemed to go smoothly, according to Caroll.

`They are continuing to work, despite the threat of air strikes at any time. They do their work without waiting for the president’s approval. They are the power in this fortress,` Caroll said.

Meanwhile, President Zelensky believes that one person cannot and should not control everything.

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