Zhou Yongkang in his youth

Zhou Yongkang in his youth 1

Zhou Yongkang was born in 1942, in Tay Qiantou village, Hauqiao town, Wuxi district, Jiangsu province.

The villa of the Chu Vinh Khang family in his hometown, Tay Tien Dau village.

Years in the countryside

According to Caixin, in the impression of neighbors, Chu’s parents, Mr. Chu Nghia Sinh and Mrs. Chu Tu Kim, are both good people.

In 1956, Chu Nguyen Can passed the entrance exam to Hoc Hai High School, one of the two high schools in the district.

In the impression of his classmates at that time, Chu Vinh Khang was an exemplary student who knew how to save money for his family.

Teenager Chu Vinh Khang has a poor family background, so he studies very hard and achieves high results in class.

Here, Chu Vinh Khang is still considered an exemplary student who studies hard.

55 years later, when Chu returned to visit his old school, Suzhou High School, he once assessed that: `It was the learning atmosphere in this land that aroused his interest in learning, and had a profound influence on him.

In 1961, Zhou Yongkang passed the entrance exam to the Beijing Petroleum Institute, was one of the few students to pass the university entrance exam in Hauqiao town and was considered the pride of Tay Tien Dau village.

Starting a business from oil

Zhou Yongkang in his youth

Zhou (left cover)  chats with students at Xi’an Petroleum University at the time he was deputy general manager of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNCP).

In the summer of 1966, Chu Vinh Khang graduated from university, waiting to be assigned a job by the organization.

In 1967, Zhou was assigned to the geological survey team at workshop 673, in Daqing oil field, Liaoning province.

In 1970, when the Lieu Ha mine officially went into operation, technician Chu Vinh Khang was assigned to the regional office and geological group of the Lieu Ha Mine Command.

In the memories of his colleagues, Chu Vinh Khang is a good person who knows how to share hardships with his brothers.

In 1973, the geological group was upgraded to a geological survey department, under the Liaohe Petroleum Survey Bureau.

Due to the nature of the work, the geological survey department is constantly expanding, with more than 2,300 employees divided into 10 divisions.

In 1976, Zhou Yongkang was promoted to political deputy director of the Liaohe Petroleum Survey Bureau.

The oil drilling team was the largest affiliated unit of the Liaohe oil field at that time.

This was also the period when China began its reform and opening up process.

First marriage

Zhou Yongkang in his youth

Zhou Yongkang’s first wife, named Vuong Thuc Hoa, died in a car accident in 2000, not long after divorcing her husband.

While working in Lieu Ha, Zhou Yongkang met and married his first wife, Ms. Vuong Thuc Hoa.

In the impression of former colleagues, the marriage between Chu and Vuong was very happy.

When Chu was promoted to director of the department, Vuong was transferred to work at the department office, in charge of clerical work.

Zhou Yongkang and Vuong Thuc Hoa had two sons together, Zhou Bin and Zhou Ham.

During his time working in Lieu Ha, Chu Vinh Khang’s family was considered to be honest and did not often accept gifts from subordinates.

`Back then, oil and gas still followed a planned distribution mechanism, so it was very normal for children in the industry to store and sell oil and gas. Asking leaders to sign approval papers was a business of one capital and four profits.`

In 1985, Zhou Yongkang left Liaohe and went to Beijing to take on the position of Deputy Minister of Petroleum.

After retiring, Zhou Yongkang returned to visit his old unit Lieu Ha in December 2012.

Half a year later, the Central Commission for Discipline and Inspection decided to investigate Zhou Yongkang.

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