10 most hated sayings when flying

10 most hated sayings when flying 1

With its convenience and speed, airplanes are currently considered one of the most popular means of transportation in the world.

Nowadays, flying culture is an issue that always receives a lot of attention and concern.

1. “Why can’t I use a first-class toilet?”

If you buy an economy class flight ticket, all amenities and living conditions are complete and clean.

2. “Why do I have to check my carry-on baggage?”

Sometimes, passengers board the plane with luggage bags full of winter coats or other bulky items.

3. “Is this food gluten-free?”

Gluten is a mixture of proteins, bound to starch and existing in the seeds of some plants such as wheat, oats, and barley.

4. “Why aren’t there any movies, wifi or entertainment here?”

Some long-haul flights are often equipped with televisions and prepare a few movies to serve passengers.

To please passengers, every airline prepares magazines and books about destination culture.

5. “Why do you keep delaying your flight?”

Ensuring the safety of passengers is the most important thing for the entire crew on the plane.

10 most hated sayings when flying

With the many steps that take place after the plane landes, your requirement to be first on the ground will annoy most passengers.

6. “What are we flying over?”

Looking down from above, you almost only see two colors: blue (ocean) or brown (land), sometimes supplemented with black with yellow dots.

Therefore, when suddenly asked about the place under their feet, they will have to check the information to report back.

7. “Is there anything for the children to eat?”

If you fly with small children, be sure to buy extra meals that match their biological rhythms.

8. “Can I go down first?”

When the plane lands, the entire service crew often has to perform a few tasks such as unloading checked baggage for passengers or opening the path to the ground.

As for the passengers, most of them stood up, sat down, and held their carry-on luggage as they prepared to exit the plane.

9. “Are there any seats left in first class?”

After knowing that there are still seats left in the first class cabin, you try to convince the flight attendant to let you sit there.

10. “Do pilots know how to land?”

This statement can be seen as an insult to the captain and the entire crew flying the plane.

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