Big Tech is excited about the virtual metaverse

Big Tech is excited about the virtual metaverse 4

While grappling with many pressing issues, from antitrust investigations to accusations of spreading fake news, during a recent earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg focused on something far different from his own.

The Metaverse is an idea born from science fiction novels, where virtual universes provide an `escape` from a crumbling society.

The goal is to create a space similar to the Internet, but users (through digital avatars) can go inside and interact with others in real time.

In recent weeks, Zuckerberg has talked about his vision of turning Facebook into a `virtual superspace company,` and said he started thinking about the concept when he was in middle school.

Microsoft’s AR virtual reality glasses.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said last week that the company is working to build a `virtual enterprise universe.`

However, this is all still just an idea, a fully functional metaverse could take many years and billions of dollars in research investment.

Whatever the motivation, many big questions about the metaverse remain.

`My biggest concern about the metaverse is: Are we ready?`

`Are we emotionally evolved enough to go beyond the screen?` Bar-Zeev said.

Characteristics of the Metaverse

The concept of the metaverse first appeared in 1992, in the science fiction novel Snow Crash by writer Neal Stephenson.

That’s a far cry from the optimistic potential that Zuckerberg and other proponents of the metaverse idea present.

Experts tend to agree on several key aspects of the metaverse, including the idea that users will experience a sense of presence.

`You can think of the metaverse as the embodiment of the Internet that you’re inside instead of just looking at,` Zuckerberg said.

Like today’s Internet, the metaverse will not be a single technology, but an ecosystem built over time by many different companies using many different technologies.

Some aspects of the metaverse already exist.

The problem with the metaverse

Metaverse advocates argue that this technology will eventually have huge business potential such as selling digital goods and services.

`What we’re really doing is figuring out how to bring technology to life, make life better and enhance communication between people,` said RealityPrime’s Bar-Zeev.

But there are also some concerns about how the metaverse could be misused or exploited.

Last week, Zuckerberg said that advertising will likely be the main source of revenue in the metaverse, as it is for the company today.

Dang Thien (according to CNN)

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