Most first grade students finish term I at or above completion level

Most first grade students finish term I at or above completion level 5

At the conference to summarize the first semester and deploy the tasks of the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year for primary education on February 2, Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Huu Do evaluated the first semester of implementation.

With the results achieved in Math and Vietnamese being quite high, Mr. Do believes that it can be affirmed that `up to now, students are approaching the new program gently, and teachers are teaching appropriately`.

Some provinces and cities still have difficulties but still have a high rate of students achieving and successfully completing both Math and Vietnamese subjects such as An Giang and Lang Son.

In An Giang, although there are many border communes and some schools with more than 95% of students being ethnic minorities, there are many difficulties, but the percentage of first grade students who complete and complete Vietnamese and English subjects well.

In addition to statistical data, leaders of the Department of Education and Training in many localities shared that according to surveys, students were able to read fluently well, and some of them were able to read text fluently.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Huu Do chaired the conference on February 2.

In response to the sharing of localities, Deputy Minister Do highly appreciated the careful preparation of the Departments of Education and Training in implementing new programs and textbooks, especially facilities and teaching staff.

However, the Deputy Minister of Education and Training also pointed out some shortcomings when implementing the program.

Another problem is that there are still some provinces that arrange students to study at odd locations or multiple classes.

Regarding the number of students, the comprehensive report shows that the whole country has an average of 31.5 primary school students per class, but in big cities with many industrial parks, the number is much higher, making the quality worse.

Duong Tam

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