‘University education does not determine a student’s thinking ability’

'University education does not determine a student's thinking ability' 9

I do not agree with the opinion that `university only trains thinking`.

For a newly recruited salesperson, you give him a certain product from the company and then tell him to sell it.

Who will do the jobs you leave behind?

Having said that, it’s not like you majored in marketing to sit in a cold room and do market research right from the start;

>> ‘Vocational schools teach skills, universities teach thinking’

This process from low to high is the process of accumulating experience.

Everyone thinks the same, so who is the boss and who is the soldier?

There is no shortage of people with degrees like Bill Gates, but not everyone becomes a billionaire like him.

>> How do you evaluate the mission and quality of higher education today?

Universities train thinking, not practice

I dropped out of university for two years to reorient my future

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