Minister To Lam: Mistakes in the medical industry are not due to mechanism

Minister To Lam: Mistakes in the medical industry are not due to mechanism 3

On the afternoon of November 10, General To Lam – Minister of Public Security, answered questions from National Assembly delegates about handling some violations in bidding and purchasing medical equipment.

Accordingly, in recent times, violations of the law in bidding and procurement of medical equipment have become very complicated, especially incidents occurring at large hospitals.

The local police force proactively grasped the situation, identified violations and fought against violations, typically a number of cases at Hanoi CDC, Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi Heart Hospital, and the Department of Health of the provinces.

Minister To Lam talked about violations in the medical industry

Minister of Public Security To Lam answered questions from National Assembly delegates, November 10 afternoon.

According to the police leader, through the above cases, there is public opinion that the violations are due to the mechanism and the system, but `we confirm that it is not due to these errors, but rather there is taking advantage of the situation.`

Minister To Lam said that before criminal proceedings, with the investigation agency, `we asked to individualize personal responsibility; prove the elements of self-interest, embezzlement, corruption…

Through handling violations, the Ministry of Public Security requests the ministries of Health, Planning & Investment, Finance and localities to strengthen review and inspection of the process of investing in facilities and purchasing equipment.

The authorities need to include a number of items and medical equipment in the list of items to stabilize and manage prices, to prevent businesses from colluding and colluding with agencies to raise prices and profiteer.

Police leaders also informed that recently, the situation of smuggling and illegal trading of medical supplies and drugs to support Covid treatment has become complicated.

`The police force has gathered means and measures to strictly handle violations,` Minister To Lam said.

In addition to fighting crime, Mr. To Lam said that in the coming time, the police sector will continue to apply science and technology to actively participate in fighting the epidemic, `creating favorable conditions for people’s activities.`

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