Binh Duong expands vaccination resources

Binh Duong expands vaccination resources 6

Binh Duong Department of Health has just issued an official dispatch calling on private medical units inside and outside the province to join hands and urgently support the health sector in implementing the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the area.

The call took place in the context of the epidemic situation in Binh Duong becoming complicated.

Responding to the province’s call, many private businesses have stepped in and contributed vaccination resources.

Thai Binh Shoes Group (TBS Group) – an enterprise with a factory in the area sponsored the cost of vaccination for 50,000 people in the two cities of Di An and Thuan An, including workers in industrial parks and other areas.

VNVC, a vaccination unit with extensive experience in the field of vaccines and vaccination, accompanies TBS Group in this campaign.

Divided into 60 injection teams, each team has 5 people, the medical team with full medical supplies arrived in Binh Duong from the afternoon of August 4 and started injecting from the morning of August 5.

Workers and people were vaccinated at Binh Hoa Cultural and Sports House (Thuan An city, Binh Duong) on the morning of August 5.

Ensure vaccination safety

Vaccine was handed over by CDC Binh Duong, VNVC brought back 2 cold storages meeting GSP standards located at the unit’s vaccination centers in the area to preserve and distribute every day to vaccination points designated by CDC Binh Duong.

To ensure timely and safe vaccination, VNVC said that 100% of VNVC’s human resources participating in this vaccination campaign for businesses have been fully vaccinated with 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine and tested.

Binh Duong expands vaccination resources

Residents of Thai Binh residential area (Thuan An city, Binh Duong) were vaccinated on August 5.

People coming for vaccination will be screened by a doctor and, when eligible, will be vaccinated;

Mr. Bui Kim Khanh, National Director of VNVC Vaccination Center System, said that VNVC has a vaccination safety process to ensure large numbers of mobile vaccinations, with 60 centers nationwide, making it easy to mobilize.

Binh Duong expands vaccination resources

A man was vaccinated in Thai Binh residential area (Thuan An city, Binh Duong) on August 5.

According to Mr. Kim Khanh, VNVC is also trying to access many sources of high-quality Covid-19 vaccine and bring it to Vietnam soon, ready for the Covid-19 vaccination campaign for vaccination services in the near future.

Binh Duong has about 2.5 million people and is one of the largest industrial centers in the South with nearly 50,000 businesses and more than 1.2 million workers.

Binh Duong leaders said that the long-term solution to control Covid-19 is vaccination, but currently vaccination in the province is still very limited.

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