Can Gio district meets Covid-19 control criteria

Can Gio district meets Covid-19 control criteria 2

On the afternoon of September 7, Chairman of Can Gio District People’s Committee Nguyen Van Hong said that in the past 3 weeks (August 16 to September 4), the number of new cases in the district has been decreasing.

The district tested more than 40,000 samples, of which 158 were positive by RT-PCR method during the day in the community.

A woman in Can Gio district was vaccinated.

According to the head of the district government, the last day a cluster of cases appeared in the locality was more than 2 weeks ago, including 12 cases in Hung Thanh neighborhood, Can Thanh town.

By August 31, only Binh Khanh commune out of a total of 7 communes and towns remained in the high-risk group, a decrease of 5 communes (83%), including 4 communes moving down to the risk level, one commune moving to the new normal level.

According to the criteria set by the Ministry of Health, an area (city, district, commune) can control the epidemic when the number of new cases in the community weekly decreases continuously compared to the previous 2 weeks and decreases by at least 50% compared to the previous 2 weeks.

In addition, localities must reduce from 30% of districts and communes at very high risk levels;

`From now until September 15, the district continues to expand the green zone, ensure people’s welfare, control the epidemic, and try to soon return to a new normal state for the people,` Mr. Hong said.

Previously, the City People’s Committee developed a plan to strive to control the epidemic before September 15 with 2 phases.

On September 2, District 7 and Cu Chi district announced basic control of Covid-19 after meeting the above criteria.

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