Khanh Ly: ‘I had to be strong to face loneliness when my husband passed away’

Khanh Ly: 'I had to be strong to face loneliness when my husband passed away' 2

– Having completed her husband’s funeral, how do you feel when you return to your daily life?

– I am facing a constant loneliness and emptiness that I never expected to encounter one day.

Khanh Ly hugged her husband’s ashes and returned home after the funeral.

– When was the last time you talked to your husband?

– The last time I talked to my husband was the day he passed away – January 7, before leaving home to go to the doctor’s office for a routine check-up, then suddenly he was taken to the emergency hospital and released.

That day, he just said he had back pain.

Khanh Ly: 'I had to be strong to face loneliness when my husband passed away'

Khanh Ly at the funeral with a memento of her and her husband’s wedding rings that she wore around her neck.

– During nearly 40 years of living together, what keepsakes of your husband do you always keep with you?

– That’s the pair of wedding rings we bought that day for only 80 USD.

Now, I wear a pair of wedding rings around my neck.

– Her husband is famous for being strict in all personal activities, especially when it comes to eating.

– Up until now, Mr. Doan has often looked at me and listened to me with the audience’s eyes and ears, so he is very careful about eating and exercising, I just absolutely listen.

– How do you overcome sadness?

– With faith in God’s love and in loneliness, I clearly saw many hands reaching out to hold my hand. At that moment, I realized that I was not alone.

After many years, leaving the spotlight, I returned to my duty to my husband and children. Now that he is no longer there, I will definitely spend time with and for my children, as well as for those in difficult situations.

– In recent days, how much love have you received from the audience?

– Every day, I receive many words of comfort, sharing and encouragement from audiences everywhere.

Khanh Ly: 'I had to be strong to face loneliness when my husband passed away'

The trio `Doan – Thanh – Mai` (from right) during their return visit to the Church of Our Lady of Fatima, Binh Trieu, Saigon.

– This year, it is the first time you celebrate Tet without your husband by your side, how do you prepare for that?

– This Tet season, without you, let us gather with our children and grandchildren to celebrate spring.

When Doan was alive, the three of us `Doan – Thanh – Mai` always kept an innocent wish to go everywhere to sing and do good deeds together.

Colleagues share their loss with Khanh Ly:

– People’s Artist Ngoc Giau: `I heard that singer Khanh Ly’s husband passed away later than everyone else, but I’m still shocked. At this time, there should have been four of us, including me, Khanh Ly and her husband, and singer

– Singer Thu Phuong: `Recently, I have had the opportunity to work a lot with singer Khanh Ly. I often call singer Khanh Ly and uncle Doan `u` and `dad`. I was very surprised to hear that my father had passed away. Mr.

– Singer Ha Anh Tuan: `Auntie, we know that the past few days have been your most difficult days. I can only offer my condolences and pray for your strength. And you always know that there are some little guys at home.`

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