Ford Ranger – ‘king’ of pickup trucks in Vietnam

Ford Ranger – 'king' of pickup trucks in Vietnam 4

In October 2018 at the Vietnam Auto Show (VIMS), Ford surprised many people when it first introduced the Ranger Raptor to the domestic market.

Ford entered the pickup truck segment later than many Japanese competitors but knows how to create trends.

Where does success come from?

Ranger first appeared in Vietnam in 2001 in domestic assembly form when the pickup truck market was still in its infancy with a few Japanese names.

Ford Ranger, the best-selling pickup model in the segment.

With a bold American masculine design, the Ranger itself has created a difference from many Japanese competitors who favor a strong Asian-style design.

When demand for sedans in particular and low-slung cars in general began to decline, Ford focused its investment on SUVs and pickup trucks, businesses that are the company’s strengths.

Ranger is currently the pickup truck line with the most versions in Vietnam: 5 versions, including XL, XLS (AT, MT), LTD, Wildtrak, not to mention the most advanced version Ranger Raptor.

Ranger’s strengths, in addition to its design and price range suitable for many audiences, are also its accompanying technology content and engine power.

For customers with more limited finances, Ford offers low-range versions such as XL and XLS equipped with a 2.2-liter engine, 160 horsepower.

Ford Ranger – 'king' of pickup trucks in Vietnam

Ranger perfectly balances many factors and combines them into a pickup truck.

Thanks to its large advantage in market share, Ford reinvested in its flagship pickup model, which accounts for more than 60% of the segment’s market share.

Ford Ranger is the first model in the segment equipped with a 10-speed gearbox, providing a more exciting driving experience and more fuel economy.

By perfectly balancing the factors: design, equipment, engine and price, Ford Ranger has come a long way in 20 years in Vietnam from the position of a rookie to the king of segment sales.

Return to assembly, firmly build the throne

On July 15, Ford people in Hai Duong celebrated a special milestone, 20 years of the Ranger pickup model appearing in Vietnam and more than 100,000 vehicles sold.

Ford Ranger – 'king' of pickup trucks in Vietnam

Ford Ranger batch shipped at the company’s factory in Hai Duong on July 15.

The celebration that day was also the day Ford Vietnam officially shipped the first batch of Ranger assembled at the factory in Hai Duong, starting in July 2021.

The representative of the US joint venture said that assembling Ranger is the result of completing phase one of the company’s VND 2,000 billion production and assembly factory expansion project in Hai Duong.

Ford Ranger – 'king' of pickup trucks in Vietnam

Mr. Pham Van Dung, general director of Ford Vietnam at the event of 20 years of Ranger presence in Vietnam.

The `made in Vietnam` Ranger is a guarantee of the company’s investment commitments for the domestic market.

Inside the Ford Ranger assembly plant, the welding, painting, and assembly workshops apply closed automation processes, meeting Ford Motor’s strict standards.

Ford Ranger – 'king' of pickup trucks in Vietnam

Automatic robots in a Ford Ranger assembly segment at the Ford factory in Hai Duong.

Bringing Ranger to domestic assembly is Ford’s pre-planned plan.

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