How many times can a person wait to ‘fail to succeed’?

How many times can a person wait to 'fail to succeed'? 11

Sharing around the story `Employed or own`, many VnExpress readers support the view that one should not risk starting a business when one has not accumulated enough experience:

Success stories are just the tip of the iceberg, but very few people see the hidden part.

There are many people who think that if they go to this school or that school, they can be their own boss.

I really like the sentence: `Not everyone who is good at knowledge will be successful, but I have never seen anyone who is successful without being good at it.`

>> I started a successful business by patiently teaching my workers

As someone who follows and supports a start-up from the starting point, in the first days, I worked very enthusiastically with my sales experience.

I was lucky to graduate and work for a family company.

But success stories can make people excited when they read and listen.

But how many failures can a person’s life have?

So, just fail a few times.

>> Opinions do not necessarily coincide with’s views.

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