‘Laughing Arena’ temporarily stopped broadcasting

'Laughing Arena' temporarily stopped broadcasting 4

After the first episode aired on March 5, this afternoon, March 11, the Laughing Arena crew – a game show looking to train comedians – announced that they would not continue to broadcast the second episode even though they actually did.

The program’s general director – Mr. Do Van Buu Dien – said: `We temporarily stopped broadcasting to add some good segments and improve the quality of the program because this is the company’s main game show in 2016.`

Actor and director Duc Thinh – one of the show’s five judges – said he was quite surprised when he received the news.

Laughing Arena is a gameshow simulating the form of The Voice of Vietnam.

The five coaches of the program – (from right): Tien Luat, Thu Trang, Truong Giang, Tran Thanh,┬áDuc Thinh.

The contestants are divided into four teams, each team consists of 12 people.

Tran Thanh, Truong Giang, Thu Trang – Tien Luat and Duc Thinh took on the position of coach for the first season.

Contestant Le Trang – who won a prize of 100 million VND in the Comedian Challenge contest – brought laughter to the audience with a skit about multi-level marketing.

'Laughing Arena' temporarily stopped broadcasting

Tuan Kiet is a contestant who was highly appreciated by five coaches in the first episode.

Monologued on stage for three minutes, Tuan Kiet brought laughter to both the audience and judges.

At the end of the first Team Forming round, coach Tran Thanh won three contestants.

Episode two, scheduled to air on March 12, suddenly stopped.

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