Melania impressed with her fashion style when visiting England

Melania impressed with her fashion style when visiting England 0

The dress Melania wore when boarding the plane to England.

On June 2, US First Lady Melania Trump wore a Gucci dress with images of famous British symbols such as the Big Ben clock tower, the parliament building and a double-decker bus when boarding the Air Force plane.

Fashion critic Robin Givhan said that Melania, a former model, must understand the power of fashion to convey a message.

After arriving in England, Melania wore a chemise shirt of the famous British brand Burberry, printed with military medals and embellished with a bow printed with the word `Society`, combined with a suit by the famous designer.

When attending lunch at Buckingham Palace with the Queen of England, the First Lady of the United States wore a white dress by Dolce & Gabbana with navy blue collar and belt accents, and a white hat with a blue headband.

Some people also likened it to the black and white outfit of Audrey Hepburn, who played Eliza Doolittle in the movie `My Fair Lady`, a movie about an ordinary poor girl, not from the upper class.

Melania impressed with her fashion style when visiting England

First lady Melania Trump (far left), Queen Elizabeth II and President Donald Trump during Trump’s official visit to the UK.

According to Givhan, the US First Lady’s choice of outfit shows the sophistication and sophistication of her fashion style to support her husband’s diplomatic efforts at important events.

In 2017, when she and her husband visited China and attended a banquet organized by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Melania wore a Gucci dress inspired by the traditional Chinese cheongsam style.

The fact that Melania often chooses white hats at important diplomatic events also causes a lot of controversy.

Mai Lam (According to Washington Post)

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