Milan coach ‘wisely teaches’ Wenger and Arsenal

Milan coach 'wisely teaches' Wenger and Arsenal 2

Losing 0-4 at Milan in the first leg, unless there is a miracle, Arsenal is considered to have no way to continue.

This reality, for team members as well as fans, is very difficult to accept, especially when the `Gunners` have long been considered a power in the Premier League, among the elite teams.

The way Arsenal and Milan do football is completely different.

According to Allgeri, the answer to that fact lies only in the fact that Arsenal does not spend money on big stars.

Round of 16 return leg

7:45 p.m. Tuesday, March 6 (London time; + 7 = Hanoi time)Arsenal – Milan (first leg score 0-4)Benfica – Zenit St Petersburg (2-3) 19:45 Wednesday, March 7APOEL Nicosia – Lyon

The Serie A championship that Milan won with Allegri as well as the current top position was cited by this coach as an example: `I have a strong team, including three big players, ensuring the team’s economic well-being.`

Allegri took office in Milan 18 months ago with the short-term mission of restoring the position of a power in Europe that the team had lost.

Such reinforcements have long been absent from Arsenal, but not because the club lacks money.

Allegri believes that the source of the problem lies in Wenger’s two above-mentioned methods, not in his outdated football thinking as some critics say.

Milan coach 'wisely teaches' Wenger and Arsenal

Stars like Ibrahimovic are always the hinge in Allegri’s plans in Milan.

`Wenger is a great coach and it would be unfair if we criticized him, because after all, Arsenal still played well and finished in the top 4 of the Premier League, even though every year they parted ways with at least one star.

If someone told me that this summer, Milan would sell Ibrahimovic and Boateng, I would definitely scream ‘No way’.

From a psychological perspective, retaining key players, adding strength or selling the best players is how each club sends a message about their ambitions to fans.

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