Musician Thuan Yen is worried when Thanh Lam is still alone

Musician Thuan Yen is worried when Thanh Lam is still alone 5

– Are you the one who guided your children to the path of art or in that environment did your children grow up with music?

– Born into a musical family and started their first steps in life with their mother’s piano and their father’s music, so they came to art as a matter of course.

– Yet in the end, Thanh Lam became famous for singing.

When I asked to transfer Lam from the Department of Traditional Music to the Department of Vocal Music, the Board of Directors of the Hanoi Conservatory of Music had a harsh requirement, if Lam could not sing in a year, Lam would have to drop out of school, not allowed.

The teachers hesitated because of her hoarse voice and they didn’t think Lam could sing.

Musician Thuan Yen and daughter Thanh Lam.

– You said somewhere, Lam is a girl with personality and a bit stubborn.

– Lam is a stubborn person in art, but in private life he is still an obedient person.

I remember one time when Lam came home from school, passing through the Kham Thien area, a woman lured her into her house, took off all her clothes, and then got lost and didn’t get home until evening.

– Children growing up in a family, in addition to being respectful and grateful to their parents, still have some petty resentment lurking in their minds.

– Lam has one complaint: when he was little, his parents forced him to carry too much water, so now his shoulders are a bit… hunched (laughs).

– And you, what do you think about your daughter’s mistakes?

– As a parent, your child is a fool. No matter how old he or she grows, you still cannot take responsibility for him or her.

– Your daughter is successful and could become… a grandmother in a few years, how do you feel?

– I am proud of Lam and Tri Minh.

Minh is building a house for her on the Red River side.

Before, there was also a person who followed Lam to perform, meticulously taking notes on each show for Lam, but then his work got too busy and he wanted Lam to stop singing at home.

There are many rumors about an extra-musical affair between Thanh Lam and musician Le Minh Son, how do you react?

– Son sometimes comes here to visit, he has a family and good children, it can be said that it is a happy family.

– It can be said that personal life and work matters have left Thanh Lam with little time to take care of her first daughter.

– No one can choose the circumstances at birth.

Lam’s eldest daughter is studying music theory at the Conservatory. She doesn’t know any of her mother’s songs and doesn’t like to sing, but she is an effective assistant for her mother.

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