When children use filial piety to repay their parents’ unjust debts

When children use filial piety to repay their parents' unjust debts 16

Disagreeing with the thought `Wanting to cut off relations with parents because of being treated unfairly`, many VnExpress readers affirmed that it is never okay for children to use resentment to repay the injustices their parents have caused.

I have the same situation of being treated unfairly by my parents, so I understand this feeling very well.

My mother passed away earlier this year.

Life is truly short.

The feeling of not being loved by your parents is really bad.

I had to put in a lot of effort to make my father see that I was no less than a son, but I don’t blame him because that’s his generation.

You can use the word `filial piety` to repay your parents’ injustice.

In my opinion, you should choose to be positive but sincere.

Finally, I believe there are no perfect parents.

>> Children are not loved equally

It is true that you are treated unfairly by your parents, but if you are a well-educated and knowledgeable person, you should not only look at those negative things to compare, be jealous and blame your parents.

Then later when you have children, your children will also look at what you do with your parents to learn.

In my personal opinion, you should think about who gave birth to you and who raised you to become successful?

My father is also a man who respects men and women. He once told me frankly that all his assets were only for his son (my brother), because I was a woman and not the heir to the family line… (when I was 13 years old).

My success is also due to my own efforts.

>> The article does not necessarily coincide with VnExpress.net’s views.

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