SH car fanaticism causes many Vietnamese people to suffer bitter consequences

SH car fanaticism causes many Vietnamese people to suffer bitter consequences 4

In recent days, public opinion has been stirred up again with the record price of SH Italy imported into Vietnam, reaching a peak of 11,000 USD (equivalent to 240 million VND).

To explain that strange incongruity, many people believe that it is the psychology of liking foreign products and being crazy about SH that makes consumers suffer bitter consequences.

Discussing this issue, nickname Ho Van Ten commented: `No one prohibits anyone from buying when they have money in their wallet, but it’s extremely absurd to see that the price of a 150cc scooter is as expensive as a car. I

It’s funny, member Klam added: `240 million is more than enough to buy 3 Vietnamese SH cars, the technology is much higher.

2012 Italian SH cars are being priced by dealers at nearly 240 million VND.

Reader Nguyen Dung had to exclaim: `More than 200 million for a 150 cc scooter, no anti-lock braking system (ABS), no outstanding technology, and not a limited production vehicle.

On the Vitalk community network, a member of the grumpy old man said: `Without saying much, everyone in Vietnam implicitly understands that those who go to SH are respected by the whole society.

“Because of that intangible value, many people put all their effort into buying an SH, and imported SH is even more valuable.

“It’s time for consumers to be smarter in their choices, not only for themselves, but also for each citizen’s responsibility to society.

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