The art of ‘dough dancing’ to make pizza in Italy

The art of 'dough dancing' to make pizza in Italy 3

Coming to Naples, the largest city in southern Italy, you will not only enjoy delicious pizza but also be satisfied with the `dough dancing` performances of the traditional pizza makers here.

Origin of the famous pizza

Pizza is what makes Neapolitan cuisine and culture famous.

Pizzaioli members of the Acrobats Coldiretti club perform a solo demonstration of spinning dough to make a pizza base.

The famous chef at that time was Raffaele Esposito, owner of Pizzeria Brandi, and his wife were asked to prepare dishes for the queen.

The third cake was so loved by the queen that she sent Esposito a letter of thanks.

The art of making pizza is unique to Naples

The art of making pizza, also known as pizzaioli, is the way the bakers throw the dough into the air and rotate it continuously with just their bare hands.

The art of 'dough dancing' to make pizza in Italy

The art of ‘dough dancing’ to make pizza in Italy

The special way of rolling dough of Italian pizzerias.

According to the Naples Pizza Association, the dough for the crust consists of water, sea salt, flour and yeast.

Other mandatory ingredients for Neapolitan pizza are olive oil, san marzano tomatoes, buffalo milk cheese mozzarella or fior di latte made from cow’s milk.

World recognition

According to AP, UNESCO has recognized pizza as one of the world’s new Intangible Cultural Heritages.

Italian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Gastronomy, Maurizio Martina, said: The campaign to promote UNESCO recognition of the art of Italian pizza-making began in 2009. This event marks the first time UNESCO has recognized a profession associated with Italian cuisine.

The art of 'dough dancing' to make pizza in Italy

A pizza restaurant in Naples celebrates after UNESCO’s announcement.

Luigi de Magistris, mayor of Naples, said that UNESCO’s decision showed the city’s charm through art, culture, traditions and creativity.

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