Interesting facts about airline services 30 years ago

Interesting facts about airline services 30 years ago 1

For tourists, airplanes are often considered an indispensable means of transportation on every trip.

30 years ago, airline services were much different than today.

Passengers can smoke

Even though there are signs classifying non-smoking areas, many passengers still freely smoke on the plane.

Food served promptly

Many meals were served on planes and travelers at that time also had countless choices.

Tickets cannot be purchased online

Interesting facts about airline services 30 years ago

To buy airline tickets, visitors must call the airline directly or do so through the travel company.

In the 1980s, internet use and access was not as common as it is today.

Must be present 20 minutes before departure time

The security check system at airports 30 years ago is not much different from today.

Unlimited carry-on baggage

Because many passengers at that time did not have the habit of `bringing a whole wardrobe` with them on trips, airlines often relaxed regulations on hand luggage.

No automatic check-in

Instead of manually entering information online and easily receiving boarding passes, all airline passengers 30 years ago had to check in at the counter.

Travelers are allowed to bring everything on the plane

Carrying a bottle of wine or even a few knives in hand luggage did not prevent travelers from boarding a plane 30 years ago.

The whole plane watched a movie together

Interesting facts about airline services 30 years ago

The whole plane cabin watches a movie together, headphone rental is 7 USD per person.

Instead of equipping in-seat entertainment systems, some airlines arrange large screens right at the front of the plane to help travelers relax throughout the journey.

Airline tickets are extremely expensive

According to Wall Street Journal data, round-trip airfare – domestic in 1980 was 592.55 USD.

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