Thanh Hoang: ‘I am an introvert’

Thanh Hoang: 'I am an introvert' 0

Artist Thanh Hoang.

– You brought into `Da Co Hoai Lang` a deep sadness, a story imbued with the pain of Vietnamese people living abroad.

– That was a sudden feeling when I read in the newspaper about the lives of Vietnamese expatriates, stories of lonely old men and women in foreign lands finding images of their homeland through hanging onions, garlic, and chili peppers.

– You often play roles that are older than your age, such as the character Hai Phan in Life Debt, why is that?

– I think that because of my serious demeanor, not laughing or talking loudly, and my inherent quality, directors often choose me to play big men in classic foreign plays, or to play the role of an old man.

– Attached to the stage as a script writer, actor and now head of the 5B stage management committee.

– I am concerned, like many other professionals, that theater is now largely dominated by revenue and that leads to compromise and following the market.

– You are passionate about theater, but why did you switch to writing movie scripts?

– I don’t think I will write a movie script.

What do you like most about Ho Bieu Chanh’s work?

– Uncle Ho Bieu Chanh’s writing has good situations, quite natural plot arrangements, and clear and coherent character personalities.

– So you always look towards nostalgia and ancient values?

– I write about nostalgia associated with the era.

– In your opinion, what elements should an artist have?

Passionate about work, working hard and constantly learning.

(According to Thanh Nien)

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