The battle for customers of Noi Bai taxi

The battle for customers of Noi Bai taxi 2

More than 25km from the center of Hanoi, for a long time passengers arriving and leaving Noi Bai airport have mostly used the taxi service.

3 years ago, the taxi business to Noi Bai was quite favorable.

Many new airlines are licensed to operate at the airport, making the `war` even more fierce.

Nowadays, the appearance of more and more names on the Hanoi – Noi Bai route makes competition increasingly fierce.

Mr. Dang Xuan Cu, General Director of Nasco (Noi Bai Aviation Services Company), the subjective unit of Airport Taxi, said that fierce competition causes veteran companies to lose a lot of revenue.

Or like Taxi Group, when it started being licensed to operate last year, it registered up to 400 vehicles, but now it mainly runs only about 150 vehicles.

Not only winning customers on the street, the fierce competition between companies is also reflected in each domain name and online search keyword.

To compete online, many nimble companies have bought Google ads so their names appear high in search results.

Currently, the afternoon price from Noi Bai to the inner city does not differ much, mainly from 320,000 to 350,000 VND.

However, no matter their efforts, taxi companies running the Noi Bai route are facing a wave of austerity from passengers.

People traveling to Noi Bai airport have long whispered to each other the formula `Go to Viet Thanh or Dai Nam, go to the 2nd floor`.

However, this way of saving is increasingly difficult to implement because currently, airport authorities are tightening regulations on picking up and dropping off passengers.

To circumvent the law, many people come up with other `unique tricks` to get cheap prices.

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