The inspection trip to Mr. Xi reassured the people

The inspection trip to Mr. Xi reassured the people 2

On February 10, Chinese President Xi Jinping wore a mask to inspect a `frontline` facility to fight the new coronavirus (nCoV) in Chaoyang district, Beijing.

During the inspection trip, Mr. Xi also chatted with some local people, including two people carrying bags of vegetables.

Mr. Xi (left, front row) chats with Chaoyang people in Beijing on January 10.

`Please don’t shake hands at a sensitive time like now,` President Xi said, people around laughed in response.

Accompanying President Xi are high-ranking officials, including Beijing City Party Secretary Cai Qi and City Mayor Tran Jining.

In normal times, this visit would be nothing special.

Over the past 12 days, China’s President met with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, but his image did not appear on state media, while the country is facing the nCoV epidemic outbreak and health crisis.

He ceded the responsibility of reassuring the people and encouraging medical staff who are fighting nCoV on the front lines to other senior officials.

The inspection trip to Mr. Xi reassured the people

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (center) talks to medical staff at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan late last month.

In daily broadcasts and news reports, Chinese state media agencies focus on portraying Mr. Xi as an active leader who directs all efforts to deal with the crisis from behind the scenes, but does not

However, his absence cannot help but attract the attention of domestic and international public opinion.

`Someone must be responsible for the spreading nCoV epidemic and he probably doesn’t want to be that person,` commented Bruce Dickson, a China expert at George Washington University, USA.

The recent death of Dr. Ly Van Luong, one of the first people to warn about nCoV, has sparked a wave of anger demanding responsibility from officials and authorities.

`This appearance gives the political impression that Mr. Xi is trying to balance the role of a tough leader and a populist leader,` said independent political scientist Chen Daoyin.

According to Chen, the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong once ran things from behind the scenes during times of crisis, but `from time to time, he still had to show his connection with the people.`

It is unclear whether Mr. Xi’s appearance is intended to ease the frustration of a part of the people, but the message that the Chinese President wants to give is clear: Trust the government in its fighting efforts.

According to state media, during his visit, Xi acknowledged that the situation was still serious, but added that China’s leadership would take more measures to prevent the virus from spreading and stabilize the economy.

The inspection trip to Mr. Xi reassured the people

Countries with patients with pneumonia caused by nCoV.

Vu Hoang (According to Washington Post, NyTimes, SCMP)

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