‘There has never been a time when Ho Chi Minh City workers have lost as many jobs as they do today’

'There has never been a time when Ho Chi Minh City workers have lost as many jobs as they do today' 7

Facing the trend of labor reduction after Covid-19 due to lack of raw materials and orders, Mr. Le Minh Tan, Director of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City answered VnExpress about solutions to support businesses and ensure rights.

– How does the Covid-19 epidemic affect businesses and workers in the city, sir?

– In the first six months of this year, more than 327,000 workers in the city were laid off.

Faced with that situation, the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs proposed two scenarios, advising the City People’s Committee on plans to prevent job loss and support workers in the last 6 months of the year.

In the positive scenario, Vietnam controls the epidemic well, which is the basis for increasing production and business activities, attracting labor, and limiting work stoppages and job loss.

If the epidemic worsens, 4,800 – 5,000 businesses in many fields such as services, industry – construction (textiles, garments, leather shoes, wood processing, food…) will be affected, leading to 160,000 –

To ensure workers’ rights, we establish working groups to directly work and support businesses in overcoming difficulties and ensuring legal policies with workers.

Mr. Le Minh Tan talked with VnExpress on the afternoon of July 3 about workers affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

– The number of workers who will lose their jobs in the next 6 months is forecast to reach hundreds of thousands. How do you evaluate this number?

– This is just our forecast for the future.

In addition to leather shoes, other occupations in the industry group such as textiles, fashion, wood processing, food, construction;

In the first 5 months of the year, the city had 310,000 people receiving unemployment insurance for all businesses that cut labor.

– Faced with businesses facing difficulties and laying off many workers, what solutions does Ho Chi Minh City have to support?

– In addition to offering two scenarios to respond to labor cuts before the epidemic, we encourage businesses to have additional support policies that benefit laid-off workers and ensure jobs for workers.

Of the nearly 2,800 PouYuen workers in Binh Tan district who have stopped working since July, there are 745 who wish to stay in the city.

The Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has received information that a Taiwanese company in Cu Chi specializing in wooden furniture production will soon cut about 800 workers.

For those who need vocational training, we are ready to support them in the system of colleges and vocational schools to be able to change careers in the future.

Of the 8,400 businesses facing difficulties, the City Party Committee and People’s Committee recently directed that 90% of them must receive a support package of VND 62,000 billion from the Government and Resolution 02 of the City People’s Council next September.

Enterprises also received approval from the Government to stop paying pension insurance, death benefits, and trade union funds (2%) until the end of December to retain workers because once workers have quit their jobs, it is very difficult to return.

'There has never been a time when Ho Chi Minh City workers have lost as many jobs as they do today'

Workers of PouYuen Company (Binh Tan district) at the end of their shift.

– How do you evaluate the support policy for nearly 2,800 recently laid off workers of PouYuen Company Limited?

– PouYuen Company in the city has a scale of up to 62,000 employees.

The recent support is a great effort of businesses to ensure that workers have a stable life after quitting their jobs as well as local security and order.

I hope businesses, if they have to cut labor, will do the same as PouYuen.

Implementing Resolution 42 of the Government, by the end of June, Ho Chi Minh City spent support for more than 510,000 people affected by Covid-19 out of a total of 542,000 people (accounting for 95%) in 7 groups with about 560 billion VND.

Of these, 264,000 people with meritorious services, people receiving social protection, poor and near-poor households were supported with 240 billion VND, each person received 4.5 million VND.

Temporary labor contracts or unpaid leave have been resolved for 37,000 people out of 42,500 people in 2,886 businesses, reaching nearly 90%.

Workers whose contracts were terminated but were not eligible for unemployment benefits were settled for 1,200 people out of a total of 2,100 people, accounting for 57%.

Self-employed workers who lost their jobs accounted for 153,000 people out of 184,666, reaching 85%.

Preschool teachers and non-public children’s groups have handled nearly 10,000 people out of a total of 11,500 people, accounting for about 90%.

Individual business households with revenue under 100 million per year, about 1,800 households have been resolved, out of a total of 2,400 households, accounting for 75%, support level of one million VND per person.

More than 22,000 street lottery ticket sellers received support of one million VND each, with 100% settlement.

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