How Tim Cook earns and spends his billion-dollar fortune

How Tim Cook earns and spends his billion-dollar fortune 4

When the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigned in 2011, he announced the transfer of leadership position to Tim Cook.

Cook was then the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Apple.

After 13 years of leading Apple, Cook has helped the company’s stock increase more than 1,000%.

Cook also benefits greatly from Apple.

CEO Tim Cook next to a series of MacBooks on display at the company’s headquarters.

He currently holds more than 3 million Apple shares, less than 1% of the company’s shares.

In addition to stocks, Tim Cook’s income at Apple is also often among the highest in the US.

The company also spent $2.5 million on expenses such as travel, insurance, security and private jets.

In addition to Apple, Cook has also been on the Nike Board of Directors since 2005. This gives him millions of dollars in stock options.

Despite having billions of dollars in assets, Cook is still living in the house he bought in 2010 for $1.9 million in California.

Cook is very active in charity work.

However, like Steve Jobs, Cook is a person who works for passion.

According to Inc, Cook also repeatedly mentioned the idea of `doing what you love` in other events.

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