Huge challenges await Chinese aircraft

Huge challenges await Chinese aircraft 3

When an aircraft manufacturer receives an order, it’s a good sign.

This could be a motivation for Comac, especially in the context of Boeing’s 737 MAX encountering scandals and being banned from flying globally.

However, experts say it will be difficult to happen that quickly.

Comac C919 aircraft in Shanghai (China).

About 60% of global air traffic is through Europe or the US.

Without certification, aircraft will not be allowed to fly into these airspace.

Huge challenges await Chinese aircraft

Aircraft made in China completed test flight

A C919 completed test flight.

Boeing and Airbus have a lot of experience in launching new aircraft.

The process for C919 to become certified is also progressing slowly.

Even this is considered too ambitious.

If everything goes according to plan, C919 could complete the paperwork before 2022. But at the current pace, 2025 may be early.

The C919 is an aircraft created to compete with Boeing’s 737 and Airbus’s A320.

And the C919, with a maximum flight range one-third less than its competitors and a carrying capacity only three-quarters, will become obsolete.

At some point, the next generation of the C919 could pose a threat to Boeing and Airbus.

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