Vietnam won a silver medal in the tank race in Russia

Vietnam won a silver medal in the tank race in Russia 0

Vietnam finished second in the tank racing final in Russia

The Vietnamese team’s competition on August 15.

This afternoon, the Vietnamese team participated in the final of group two of the international tank racing tournament Tank Biathlon 2019. The Vietnamese crews previously competed excellently, passing the group stage and semi-finals even though this was only the second time.

In the final match, Vietnam used blue T-72B3 tanks, competing with the teams of Uzbekistan (green vehicle), Uganda (red vehicle) and Cuba (yellow vehicle).

The Vietnamese team got off to a good start when they accelerated right after the starting signal, leaving Uganda and Cuba far behind, while Uzbekistan’s tank had problems forcing them to abandon the first lap and pay a penalty.

The organizers’ data shows that the Vietnamese T-72B3 reached speeds of up to 73 km/h on a straight line, surpassing 70 km/h in the qualifying round and semi-finals.

Vietnam won a silver medal in the tank race in Russia

Three simulated infantry targets were all destroyed by the VN3 crew.

Missing 5 targets forced the Vietnamese crew to run 5 penalty rounds, allowing Uzbekistan and Uganda to advance.

When the teams completed more than half of the competition, the referee team suddenly announced a stoppage of the match and blocked the airspace over the Alabino arena due to a plane carrying high-ranking Russian officials flying over.

The match was only resumed after two hours.

Vietnam’s tank target shooting competition today was unsuccessful when all three crews failed to hit a single shot. It seemed like both the rangefinder and gun barrel stabilization systems had problems.

The Uzbekistan team finished first with a time of 2 hours, 7 minutes and 22 seconds and shot down 13/24 targets, Vietnam ranked second with a result of 2 hours, 24 minutes and 25 seconds and hit 9/24 targets.

Vietnam won a silver medal in the tank race in Russia

Performance of the final round of group two.

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