10 disappointing movies of 2014

10 disappointing movies of 2014 1

1. Transcendence

Possessing a cast of famous stars such as Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman and Paul Bettany;

The film has many stars, but Rebecca Hall is the only one who brings a realistic feel to the film.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

10 disappointing movies of 2014

After the promising start of The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, many audiences hoped Andrew Garfield would have a breakthrough to surpass Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man.

In terms of revenue, this blockbuster earned 708 million USD and is ranked sixth in the list of the most popular movies of 2014. But this is still the lowest number compared to four other episodes about the character Spiderman.

There are three villains: Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan), Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Rhino (Paul Giamatti), but the exciting battle scenes or climax are not as exciting as expected, especially

3. The Expendables 3

10 disappointing movies of 2014

The third appearance of `The Mercenaries` has recruited additional stars Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes… and let actor Mel Gibson play the villain.

The main reason comes from the fact that three weeks before its release, The Expendables 3 was posted online and attracted more than 2 million pirated downloads after a week.

4. Need for Speed

10 disappointing movies of 2014

Adapted from the most popular racing game of all time, and starring the star of the TV series Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul, in the main role, Need for Speed was once hoped to be a worthy competitor to Fast & Furious.

The highlight of Need for Speed is the scenes with beautiful cars.

5. The Monuments Men

10 disappointing movies of 2014

The Monuments Men wouldn’t be on the list of disappointing movies if it didn’t have A-list superstars like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett and Bill Murray.

Looking at it fairly, The Monuments Men is not a bad movie, but it lacks appeal.

6. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

10 disappointing movies of 2014

A movie invested 65 million USD and only grossed 39 million USD is clearly disappointing.

If nearly a decade ago, Sin City was considered a breakthrough in techniques, storytelling… then the second part of the film lacks the soul that made it a success.

7. Sex Tape

10 disappointing movies of 2014

At the age of 42, Cameron Diaz no longer has the seductive beauty she had when she made the audience hold their breath in There’s Something About Mary (1998).

Starring alongside Diaz is actor Jason Segel (comedy TV series How I Met Your Mother), but both familiar names in this comedy series failed to make the audience laugh.

8. Winter’s Tale

10 disappointing movies of 2014

It’s the same debut work, but if Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler was highly praised, Akiva Goldsman’s Winter’s Tale released the same year had a much sadder fate.

Featuring actors like Colin Farrell, Matt Bomer and Russell Crowe, Winter’s Tale was considered by many female fans as the ideal choice for Valentine’s Day 2014. However, the story of fairy-tale love between a thief possesses

9. Annabelle

10 disappointing movies of 2014

With a production budget of only 6.5 million USD and still earning 252 million USD in theater revenue, Annabelle is a bargain for the producer.

The film tells about mysterious phenomena surrounding the Annabelle doll – a character that `scares` viewers in The Conjuring.

10. The Legend of Hercules

10 disappointing movies of 2014

Same I, Frankenstein;

The plot lacks depth, the quick action scenes and the effects are not properly invested, making the movie on most lists of the worst movies of 2014. Lead actor Kellan Lutz probably still has to wait for his chance.

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