Vietnam’s Internet increased its rankings even though the cable was broken

Vietnam's Internet increased its rankings even though the cable was broken 7

According to the Speedtest Global Index ranking recently published by Ookla, Internet speed in Vietnam has changed dramatically.

This result brought the fixed broadband Internet speed in Vietnam up six places, ranking 39th, while the mobile network dropped 9 places, ranking 52nd globally.

This trend coincides with statistics provided by the i-Speed tool of the Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC).

However, the above results are contrary to the actual assessments of Vietnamese Internet users.

An expert in the field of telecommunications explained that the discrepancy in the index is due to the measurement point of the tools being different from the destination of Internet services.

`The broken undersea fiber optic cable only affects Vietnam’s international connection. Speed measurement tools usually choose domestic measurement points so they are not affected,` this expert said.

With international services like Ookla’s Speedtest, when conducting measurements, the tool also automatically selects a domestic measurement point.

Speedtest automatically selects the measurement point as a domestic server, near the user’s location.

According to Ookla’s announcement, Speedtest uses infrastructure with more than 10,000 servers in more than 190 countries.

In February, the global average fixed Internet speed was 78.62 Mbps, led by Singapore with an index of 237 Mbps, while Thailand also ranked sixth with 203 Mbps.

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