5 signs of men’s physiological decline

5 signs of men's physiological decline 6

According to Doctor Doan Ngoc Thien (Department of Andrology, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City), depending on the stage and level of erectile dysfunction, men have different signs and symptoms.

Premature ejaculation

This is a common sign of physiological weakness, causing ejaculation disorders.

Besides, there are also cases where ejaculation is not possible during intercourse or retrograde ejaculation is also considered physiological weakness.

Not reaching `orgasm`

According to doctor Ngoc Thien, men’s orgasm often occurs in parallel with ejaculation.

Sexual dysfunction greatly affects men’s psychology and life.

Pain or curvature of the penis when erect

The penis feels painful when erect, or has scar tissue running along its length leading to curvature, causing pain and loss of pleasure during intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a fairly common sexual dysfunction, focusing mainly on middle-aged men over 40 years old.

Sexual dysfunction also has the phenomenon of `little guy` having a sudden erection while driving, sleeping, or working, but when needed it cannot.

Reduced desire

This is a sign that men can feel for themselves.

Erectile dysfunction in men comes from many causes: age causes testosterone and nitric oxide levels to decline;

Depending on the cause and severity of the disease, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment.

5 signs of men's physiological decline

Doctor Doan Ngoc Thien (white shirt on the right) is examining the patient.

In addition, men need to proactively prevent diseases early, build a healthy lifestyle including: work, rest, and scientific diet;

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